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I haven't updated the blog for a while - but happy Lunar New Year! Gung hei fatt choy!

We also celebrated Bai Tian Gong yesterday, which falls on the 9th day of the 15-day Lunar New Year festivities. Bai Tian Gong has special significance to Hokkien Chinese as it is a day of gratitude and celebrating the birthday of the Jade Emperor.

Also sent off all my edits. So, I am giving myself a semi-hiatus.


Also Valentine's and Galentine's Day!


Dec. 12th, 2018 06:31 pm
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Dragon Sisters is listed as one of the best dragon series on Book Riot! And Water Into Wine is a hidden gem that deserves more reads!

Thank you! You made me very happy!
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And Merry Beltane to the Southern Hemisphere folks!

Also: I am now a verified Radish author and I will be launching my YA fantasy serial about dragon racing on 7 November.

Click here if you want to subscribe!.


RIP Jin Yong.

I have grown watching wuxia drama serials based on his books. He is a legend and will still continue to be, having inspired so many writers.
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Firstly, I signed up to be a Radish writer. The acquisition associate emailed me a few days ago and we chatted via email (since time zones!).

Secondly, I am currently sore, due to hormones. Even in my 40s and experiencing perimenopause, the cramps are just as bad.

So yes, this is my week. I am experiencing the effects of anxiety from two weeks - I desperately need a break away from this country. I want a walkabout.


Oct. 24th, 2018 08:41 pm
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Renewed DW account. Scaled down to paid, not premium.

Likewise, Samhain/Halloween (or Beltane) card draws are on until end of the month. The deck is inspired by/based on Southeast Asian/Peninsular Malaysian fauna.

A couple of things I worked on got published/greenlit. An anthology of international spec poetry will be out on the 4th of December.

And if things will work out, fingers crossed, I will be writing serialised fiction.

I am still feeling the remnants of anxiety, spillover from last week which was not an easy week (it being exam results week for Cub/my eldest). I haven't written anything. Instead I baked bread, drew stuff and made pumpkin soup from scratch. I am considering taking another break, since I also feel the onset of PMS. :/
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Announced on Twitter the picturebook I am working on with Jason Li.


And... I am now part of the SFWA Mentor Program as a mentor. Can't wait. Am quite excited!
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Gosh, where did the time go!

Writing and planning book 2 of YA fantasy. Glossary and a field guide with sketches/illustrations. It's fun and I enjoy this part of world-building.
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Had the Mid-Autumn Festival One-Word Prompt Day yesterday. Yielded seven illustrations whereby a friend commented that they remind her of Beatrice Potter. :)

I am wondering if I should open for commissions. I have afterall done commissioned art for Strange Horizons (as part of fundraiser - note: I am also staff) and The Future Fire.

Writing-wise, I want to get back to writing Book 2 of the YA fantasy under Scholastic Asia. The story map is printed. I did some amendments/changes. I just need to start.

I am also getting back to DnD 5e. The campaign is going to be held at Roll20 - so some time to get used to for this old workhorse. And I can't keep track of all my accounts and passwords already!
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With a slew of medical appointments this month (mine and family's), my wallet feels the impact, like a bone-crunching blow to my solar plexus. Next slew will be in November.

I am suddenly tempted... really tempted... to go back to full-time work.

If you want to help (like donate a coin or two), I would greatly appreciate it.

My Patreon link: Patreon.
My Kofi link: Kofi.

If you would like to buy books (pdfs):

My Gumroad.
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Beware of casual racism when you blithely talk about food and not think/reflect on/about how culturally pervasive US media is. POC from other countries have grown up watching shows and have absorbed your social and economic norms. Check yourself before you laugh at them.

It's another (anthology) launch! My story "Stars Bright As Light" is with awesome stories in a cool Asian science fiction anthology.
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Book 2 of my space opera launches today!

Me? I am going to celebrate it by making chicken curry.
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I am mulling over this thought while I am doing editorial work on this Monday morning. First thing first: A big warm hug of gratitude to my supporters, readers and signal boosters! Without your likes and your support, I won’t be able to continue writing and producing things.

But that being said, this is the hard part. Can I reach $100? I know times are hard and I totally understand that. It’s always my dream to write full-time and 2017 is proving to be the year where I am actually *writing* a lot. Which is good – and this also gives me time to work on my health issues (invisible illnesses are no fun) as well. I left full-time teaching for good last year and deciding to embark on full-time writing was/is a big decision. I tried it a while back and it failed spectacularly. I ended back going back to work.

I am trying this again. I know that I am no big name author with a big fanbase. I do know that my Patreon payout does help in my medical fees. I do know that my Patreon payout helps in my savings. So, if you can, signal boost, spread the word out.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

My Patreon


Jun. 29th, 2017 09:02 am
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I am back from Cambodia. Flew back exactly a week ago. Siem Reap was hot, dry, but an eye-opening experience. Plus, the fried crickets were delicious, yum. Coming back was a culture shock - so much privilege, people taking things for granted.

Then, it's back to normal programming again. I need to plan... things, especially for two books. I ended up starting a new scarf, because this is how I plan: I knit. It's a meditative process where my mind lays out stuff while the needles move.

So, that's about it, small updates. :D
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It's June and time for Act 2 of The Stars Call Me Home. This time, we will get a look at Ma He's background story.

Yes, I am experimenting with another space opera of a different feel and take from Starfang: Rise of the Clan. No werewolves this time, only political intrigue, (hopefully) big space battles, and interpersonal relationships.

If you like this concept, you can support me by reading it, signal boosting it or donating to my Patreon.

And I love the cover. Do you love the cover? :D

Read more... )
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WEREWOLVES VERSUS: SPACE is now available, either free or pay as/if you want.
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inaugural issue: SEED

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My short When All The Colors Have Gone is in Rambutan Literary's 3rd issue which explores the theme of food.

Going Beyond, a Buddhistpunk poem, is up and running on my Patreon.


Nov. 27th, 2016 09:59 pm
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New chapters uploaded for Halcyon Days and Rose Thorn & Sword

Dark Claw is 99c.


A poem of mine has been accepted/sold to Uncanny Magazine!


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