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So, right now, my nose is stuffed, my throat feeling like sand is in it, and I cough on and off. The doctor says it's a bacterial infection, and prescribes me antibiotics.

At least, I get to sleep in.
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I am reading up on pedagogy of history teaching, thanks to the new syllabus which involves an inquiry approach to learning. Halfway through the file - and I am going "Whoa!" Theory is meaty, but I need time to digest it. And this is only the resource file I am reading...

Just had my medical appointment. I am apparently fine, but my specialist decided to add in more tests just to be double-sure I am ok.

Other than that, I am enjoying what's left of the school holidays (two weeks).
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Now, with vertigo.

Yep, it's BACK.

*inserts anguished howl*
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I have bronchitis.

I am a person prone to having bronchitis.

So, been sleeping the whole of Sunday. Even now when I type, my body still feels the lingering effects of the cough medication.

Many things happening: last full moon of the Year of the Rabbit before the new year rolls out with a draconic roar, plans that need to be kicked into action and (potential) work.

I inhale and my chest hurts. Hot Pu'Er soothes me, the warmth filling my insides, centering between my breasts.

I want to be healed.
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And so warm.

My left arm is now wrapped up. Sore. The pain was earlier, when the physician stuck two thin needles in. My muscles are bunched up, apparently. Tense.

Did my steampunk nusantara post.

Tried writing last night, but ended up sleeping. My muse had taken a (long) break. I wish I could do the same


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