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Is up and running.

Rakshya fed me nourishing soups, made with fish and herbs. How she managed to get fish remains a mystery. Occasionally, Dorje Dawa would come and massage my body with warm fragrant oils, murmuring words of healing as she did so, her fingers kneading all the knots of pain away.

... here ends Oysters, Pearls and Magic, both Books 1 and 2. Thank you for being readers and supporters of this web-based novella. Throughout January, I will post Bonus Tales. Hopefully, by the end of the year, Oysters, Pearls and Magic will emerge as a print book. Likewise, if you like the novella, do help me give it a signal boost. Perhaps, we can pitch it to publishers.

As a gift, I will offer you the whole Book. Free and web-based.
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... is up.

"It was the silver fish. “I fixed it for you. Managed to salvage most of the parts.” Rakshya patted the metallic side with a satisfied grin. “Fortunately, the cognition module has not been damaged.”
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is up and running.

We bowed to the sky, to the ancestors and to each other. It was my family’s custom, passed down from generation to generation. It was Auri’s too. Josh’s Innerlander custom of throwing the bouquet of flowers to the crowd was incorporated later, at the wedding feast.

Book Two of Oysters, Pearls and Magic is ending soon. Many thanks to those who have been reading and giving me support!
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Ninth Branch: Anger is posted.

Grandmother’s face hovered above me. She had come to see me. Elation surged through me, coupled with relief. “Ah-ma,” I whispered, ghost daggers of pain stabbing into my bandaged side. “Ah-ma.” I really want to go home.
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Eighth Branch: Confrontation is up.

"Without warning, she attacked me."
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With (some) luck, OP&M will become a book by the end of the year. And yes, I am ending the series after Book Two. For real.

Trying to achieve equilibrium. So many constraints.
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Sixth Branch: Journey Innerlands is up:

"We led a straggly bunch of people: men, women and children. Triads, Pairs and groups of Apart. Weary, shoulders laden as if by an invisible weight. Some wore only the barest minimum of clothing, hastily put on when Anak Jamu blew her top. Josh kept staring at the faint ridge of snow-tipped mountain, hazy blue and magnificent."

PLUS a Beltane bonus chapter: Seventh Branch: Caravansari.

And a reminder that the cover contest is still on... until the end of May.
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Fifth Branch: Choices is up.

"By noon, the City’s inhabitants had crested a small hill and we all gazed at the destruction, our hearts sinking. One day, perhaps, we would go back and start all over again. Anak Jamu fumed and burned, sending ash and rocks into the air. A dark pall hung over the City like a funeral shroud. The Bay of Atsuko was barely visible."

And a surprise contest!

Can YOU make this look better?. Prize? Preview chapters AND cover credit when the book nears its end and becomes a complete novella.
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Fourth Branch: Change is up.

"In the dream, Grandmother was wearing the traditional garb: floral kerchief scarf and plain blue blouse. Only young women wore brightly-colored blouses. She was standing at the edge of the pearl oyster pools, a basket beside her."

And since it's my birthday (1st March): a bonus tale! The Sea Witch's Tale: Auri's Story.
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Wave Fourteen effectively concludes the web-novella: Part I and Part II.

If you like the novella and want to see it continued, please donate or give feedback. :)
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Wave Fourteen: Sea (Part I) has just been posted.

We are now at the last wave/chapter of the novella. Part II will be posted next week.

If you like the story to continue, do feel free to donate or contribute feedback. :)

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Wave Eleven: Daughter of Divers is up. Mirra encounters an old enemy and finds that things have changed.

"The silver fishes arrive promptly every morning to deposit the baskets of oysters at the Eateries. They arrive, glinting silver in the sun. They are magic-powered blimps, shaped like the aerodynamic forms of fish. I would watch them fly overhead as they make their stately way to the Eateries. They are mostly piloted by men. Like Second Father."

And if you like this series and want to see it continued...

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Wave Ten: Whole (Interlude) is up and running.

"Our bellies are warmed by the delicious food and our souls enriched by the loving company and community that is the triad. I gift Josh with a yellow scarf – it fits him well and yellow is his personal color. He laughs and kisses me on the cheek."

Forgot to add this:
Sponsors get to read the next installment (without the wait). Emailed directly to your inbox or IM. ;)
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If you like my writing...

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Wave Eight: Broken Shells of Of Oysters, Pearls and Magic is up.

This marks the start of my hiatus.

Many grateful thanks to my donors, commentators and those who have given me encouragement and support.

I will be back after an indefinite period. At the meantime, enjoy the tales and spread the word if you can.
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Check them out here at Gallery.

Should I post the next wave/installment this week?
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Jul. 18th, 2009 10:03 pm
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.... pictures of Auri under Gallery.


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