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is ready for reviewers. :)

Chaser, book three of the Rider Trilogy, is up on Gumroad for a limited time only.
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If you are reading this, the Rider books need some help. If you want to read Chaser, you need to convince my publisher that it’s worth publishing (sales matter!)

This series has suffered from poor sales. In Singapore, I have reached a dead end. It is effectively dead in the water. Lack of marketing and obscurity sometimes can kill a series in the tracks and consequently the author suffers.

Also, if you can suggest ways to help me keep the Rider books afloat, please tell me. Perhaps it would be too ambitious for me to wish that big name auhors are my friends and could help me signal boost the books. Wishful thinking on my part.

So, please signal boost if you can. I just can’t let this series die on me. I don’t have any klout in sff, so I couldn’t wish for anything. But my Riders books are my babies. So to hoping for a better future.

(If Amazon is too fiddly and formatting wonky, try Gumroad)
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here. YAY! Made my day!
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FREE book promotion starting from Nov 17: Rider ( ) and Speaker ( ) - pls. RT. #yalit #sgya
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The Rider Trilogy is a YA SF set on a desert planet in the future. Lifang is an Agri-seer who dreams of becoming a Quetz Rider. Meng is a Hunter or a wild Quetz and who (according to the experts) is not meant to be ridden. But when Lifang encounters Meng at a waterfall, a bond between them develops, one that could lead to the fulfillment of Lifang’s dream.

Published by Math Paper Press (imprint of Books Actually), Singapore.

NOTE: They are now available for sale at Books Actually and on Amazon Kindle as well.

BUY Rider (Amazon Kindle)
Buy Rider (Gumroad)



BUY Speaker (Amazon Kindle)
BUY Speaker (Gumroad)



Interested book reviewers and bloggers can contact me at sabersger at gmail dot com for the eARC of Rider.
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Speaker launches next week during Singapore Writers' Festival 2013, you ready?
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I am much better now. Basically an infection that had gone nasty.

It's examination week over here. So cue marking.

I am making a lot of bread. (Yeah, breadmaker!)

The Rider Trilogy has its own website.
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So, release and launch of Rider has been pushed back until late July. No AFCC and pushing now for SWF.


Mar. 30th, 2012 10:22 am
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Speaker, first draft (of many), is done. It is a novelette and I am not afraid to say it is a novelette.

The interview is next week.

The first anniversary of Wolf At The Door is next week.

They both happen to fall on the same day.

Watch this space for...something. ;)
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Download it at here.

Signal boost, talk about it.
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Yep, I did. So, I am going for it next week. Cross any appendage for me, please. This time, there will be a panel of four interviewers. And guess when. Imbolc. 1st of February!

You bet I am going to light candles the night before.

Next week will also be known as Saber-Holding-Fort-Alone, as D will be flying off to Nuremberg for a toy convention.


The Rider offer is still on. It has passed the 600th download (though not sure if people will actually read it). Over two years, 600 downloads. Not too bad.

That brings me to ask questions:

1. Do people actually like FREE downloads?
2. Will people actually READ free novellas?
3. What does it say about people in general?
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Second day of the Chinese New Year is now officially over. Visited my side of the family today and caught up with my favorite cousin who came back from Scotland. Ate a lot. Talked a lot. The girls enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Came back to consume awesome chicken and abalone soup. More eating of popiah.

Now, winding down for the night.

I put up pictures on my writery blog: Enter The Water Dragon.

Likewise, the novella offer - I have extended it for an extended period. If you like Asian YA (young adult) SFF with a futuristic setting and flying alien pterosaurs, get it at Smashwords.

You noticed that I am posting at DW. LJ is on the fritz again.
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I sit here, staring at the computer, wondering what to write. My bronchitis (boo, hiss!) came back and I have spent a couple of uncomfortable days and nights coughing my lungs out. Hot soups are an immense boon/help/salve.

I have started writing again. A new short and polishing old ones for eventual submission. Did a list of 2011 writery things - and I am stunned to see that the year is packed. Packed, I tell you...

So, what have I done this year?

Started work after half a year of looking after Dot. Went back to teaching, didn't work out and got a job as a writer at an educational company. Job unfortunately didn't work out as well, but it was a blessing in disguise.

Realized that I could work under pressure. Writing children's books is something challenging for me, since I am already writing YA fiction. Writing in different voices is definitely good training for writers.

Still working on my own inner issues, especially my self-esteem.

Rider, a YA science-fiction story is still in progress. I aim to complete it in 2011. I love this story!

To look forward in 2011:
"Apex Book Of World SF II" will be out in 2nd February 2011. My story "The Sound Of Breaking Glass" is in it.
"Wolf At The Door", my urban fantasy novel, will be out - 4th April 2011.
A short in an anthology by Drollerie Press.
The Singapore Sampler of SFF - the theme: Hybrid.
Print edition of "Oysters, Pearl and Magic" .
More submissions - hopefully to pro-level magazines.
Submission of book two of my urban fantasy series.

I will probably sit down and do a proper Watchnight vigil.

Have a good NYE!


Nov. 19th, 2010 10:18 pm
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continued.... I will be posting snippets during the last legs of Nanowrimo. ;)
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This excerpt follows straight after the bit where I had previously left off...:

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I am pleasantly surprised that "Rider" has ... reviews!:

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"Rider", a YA science fiction novella. Up on Smashwords.


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