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"Ark", a drabble, is in issue 008 of Luna Station Quarterly. Luna Station Quarterly is a publication dedicated to up-and-coming women authors. So, please do support them by signal boosting.

So, Advent has started. I know that many people on my f-list are not fans of Christian holidays. For me, as I am Christo-Pagan, Advent is part of my Wheel. It's a period which I go within. There is buying of stuff and pressies and what not. But I also tend the inner garden.

Speaking of gardens, my Mollucan spinach are growing well. They love the wet. Ceylon spinach is suddenly having a growth spurt. It too loves the wet. Shelob munches away at random bugs - loves how she dissolves all the insect parts. :P One day the worm is whole, the second it is chopped up in tiny bits.
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Finally some time to post an update.

I am still overwhelmed with work. The marking keeps on coming in. But it's part of teaching - and I can cope somewhat.

My garden is growing well, but someone tore out my big pot of Mollucan spinach (Duan Dewa). I suspect it was the cleaner - he ripped out the large stalks and stuffed them back in. I am still angry, because I grew this pot from the mother plant. I think I might write a nice letter to the town council.


I think I will revive my flagging spirituality. I haven't done any ritual or drumming for a long time.

Writing is now reduced to night time and when I have time.
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Real life, at the moment, is brutal. Dot is down with a viral infection. Her fever dingdongs from high to low. So she is cranky, unhappy and clingy. When the medications work, she is back to her usual cheerful self. But when the fever returns, she is lethargic and refuses to play.

I managed to write my synopsis for book two of the Jan Xu series: Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye is in the works. Now I am sleepy, sniffly and wishing that I have a cosy bed to sleep in. LOL.

I have made some updates on A Wolf's Tale. I should blog more, especially when it comes to my books. Likewise, if you like my books, do help me signal boost, tell people about them!

And I have started gardening again. ;)
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The marking continues. I really need to complete this STACK before the next round comes in by next week.

Meanwhile, read this. It is brilliant. But it is also very depressing. For people who are not involved in the publishing (be it trad/self), there is some discussion regarding the 0.99 pricing of ebooks. Some are for it. Some hate it like the plague and associated virii all rolled into one. I, myself, am...ambivalent, since I straddle both traditional and self publishing. I do agree though that writers need to eat too. We are not air plants subsisting on air. [Then again, I have a day job which does pay the bills... ]

Anyway, support your favorite writers/authors. Donate. Make fan-art. Signal-boost. Give feedback. Buy swag stuff. Tell them that they are doing something good. Writing isn't easy, guys. It is creative effort. It is hard work. We don't come up with stories, tales and worlds just like that. Perhaps, it looks like we create worlds with a snap of our fingers... but the real work, folks, is pretty much internal.


I am still in the process of - well - processing my Sungei Buloh pictures. Going to photography... is a joyful experience. Like writing, like gardening, photography is creative. I call 'writing via pictures'. It is art. It is life.

My garden is growing once more. The Malabar spinach vines are sprouting! My duan dewa is still going strong.
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My icon pretty much describes the string of bad luck/miscommunication/poodoo I have been experiencing for the past two days. [The icon is a dhole with ears back - my default look for this week...]

Firstly, boss dropped bombshells on me, right after I informed her about my leave in December.
Secondly, former school I was with was being an ass and chased me for a cheque which they claimed I issued wrongly. Look, dude, you gave me the wrong information. Now you brought in the big guns to ... what... awe me into submission.

Needless to say, I spent these two days in a state of rage/anger/sorrow/pissed/mad.

Thank the stars for my Valkyrie Knights!

Since tomorrow is a public holiday, I intend to rest... and hopefully, to write. Or do some photography. Or garden. I need to write a gardening post one day.
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Dot turns ONE tomorrow. We embarked into a frenzy of cleaning the house, because both sets of grandparents will be coming over, together with a horde of relatives.

There will be feasting, merriment and laughter. Dot will probably get showered with presents and kisses. She will enjoy it, she being the social girl she is.

And it's Lammas. I count the blessings and are grateful for the harvest(s) in my life. I also let go of things that haunt me, the dry dessicated things. I throw them into the compost heap of my life, let them become rich, fertile once more.

Gardening update: I need to harvest the pomegranates. They are red now. I hope they are sweet too.


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