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Just like that, January has gone away.

Did you see the super red moon lunar eclipse?

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Light a candle -
Remember Brighid:
Oh goddess of fire,
teach me how to light
the world.
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May the fire of creativity
light the way in your life,
Brigid bless!


Feb. 1st, 2015 06:24 pm
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Last week, my trusty laptop (and old...) decided to die. Its hard drive crashed.

Today, on Imbolc, it's back, newly repaired with newer insides. To celebrate the start of February, a new chapter of Dragon Physician:

There are eggs! And just who's this new girl?
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Light. Like a full moon.
Light. Like a full moon. Glow.

1st February! Where did the time go?

Today is the day of my second interview. Wish me a lot of luck.

Light your fires, people!
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Yep, I did. So, I am going for it next week. Cross any appendage for me, please. This time, there will be a panel of four interviewers. And guess when. Imbolc. 1st of February!

You bet I am going to light candles the night before.

Next week will also be known as Saber-Holding-Fort-Alone, as D will be flying off to Nuremberg for a toy convention.


The Rider offer is still on. It has passed the 600th download (though not sure if people will actually read it). Over two years, 600 downloads. Not too bad.

That brings me to ask questions:

1. Do people actually like FREE downloads?
2. Will people actually READ free novellas?
3. What does it say about people in general?
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Imbolc Fire.
Imbolc Fire.
Fires burning bright.


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