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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival... and happy book birthday to Starfang book 3!
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Had the Mid-Autumn Festival One-Word Prompt Day yesterday. Yielded seven illustrations whereby a friend commented that they remind her of Beatrice Potter. :)

I am wondering if I should open for commissions. I have afterall done commissioned art for Strange Horizons (as part of fundraiser - note: I am also staff) and The Future Fire.

Writing-wise, I want to get back to writing Book 2 of the YA fantasy under Scholastic Asia. The story map is printed. I did some amendments/changes. I just need to start.

I am also getting back to DnD 5e. The campaign is going to be held at Roll20 - so some time to get used to for this old workhorse. And I can't keep track of all my accounts and passwords already!


Sep. 9th, 2018 09:53 pm
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I am so glad that Ghost Month is finally over and we can focus on Mid-Autumn Festival. So prepare for Mice!
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Light all the lanterns.
Eat all the (sugar-free and gluten-free) mooncakes!
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The full moon is a bright pearl in the sky,
little children while
they carry
lanterns that
light the way.


Aug. 31st, 2015 06:54 pm
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My doctor has taken me off the treatment/medication - but one of the horrid side-effects is acne. These bloody red swellings are everywhere: my face, my neck (and this time, it itches like hell), my chest.

Been a busy two weeks - basically exam questions, marking test papers and projects. It will be a short week this week, as we celebrate Teachers' Day on Thursday and the holiday starts on Friday.

I guess, I am at the edge of burnout?

Can't wait for Dragon Dancer to be released as well as the Jan Xu books (to be re-released). Also, interesting stuff for Singapore Writers' Festival - stay tuned.


We just passed the peak/15th day of the Ghost Month/Seventh Month. After this lunar festival will be my favorite: Mid-Autumn Festival. Which reminds me to get mooncakes and lanterns.
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Have a lot of mooncakes, tea and lanterns!
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Two stories:

A Mid-Autumn Jan Xu short: Gui Jie.

The Basics of Flight: A steampunk YA novella, on the World SF Blog.


My girls really enjoyed Mid-Autumn Festival. We had popiah (think hand-made spring rolls!), mooncakes and tea. ;)
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I am sick. For two days. The haze is not a good friend to my sinuses. Spent the entire Sunday alternately sneezing and trying to stem a profusion of mucus. Monday saw me trying to breathe with my head stuck in cotton wool. Tuesday was dealing with the crap Monday had left before it disappeared.

Going back to work tomorrow. Already I have a backlog, so it seems.

Plus-point: Midautumn Festival.

Plus-point: My alter ego's page is up on Goodreads.

Plus-point: Free fiction is also up on Goodreads.

I also wrote some melodramatic poetry, inspired partly by 9/11. No. I am still affected by what happened 10 years ago (gosh, I was only 26!).
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... Or Mid-Autumn Festival!


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