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Merry Samhain/All Souls'/All Saints and Merry Beltane too to Southern Hemisphere peeps.
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1st November will be Wolf At The Door's release/publication date!
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Got word that Wolf At The Door is now printed! Can't wait to see it in bookstores.
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(as posted on Twitter)

So, I am still working out my thoughts regarding diversity, business decisions and dropping of series, because of lack of sales. I am not the only author who has their series dropped because of lack of sales. The decision hurts, smarts and is disappointing.

But it is ultimately a business decision. Publishing is a business and it has to make money. It’s not a matter of diversity – it’s the hard fact of “money talks”. Most of all, your story has to fit or not.

So, it’s not just “diversity doesn’t sell”, but a slew of decisions. Perhaps erotica is selling like hot cakes. Wait, it is selling like hot cakes. My kind of urban fantasy doesn’t have sex. So, it’s not just sexy. Plus the fact that I am not well-known enough to warrant a readership that would buy my books no matter what. So, yeah. Things happen. The issue of diversity, however, falls at the bottom of the list.
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So, that's me!

And so, it did happen: the launch of the print version of Wolf At The Door at Books Actually.

Many thanks to the folks who turned out and supported me and bought copies! I am so glad to meet you guys face to face, especially Icedwater and Lauren from Twitter. :)
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It's a bit early... but hey, it's already 1st June in some parts of the world!

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WOLF AT THE DOOR is now available at: purchase it here

The Amazon release will be on the 1st of June.
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So, as a lead-up to the release of the print version of Wolf At The Door (in a week's time!), I am running a discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #wolfynovel.


I have also started a storify page for it: here.

Happy belated Vesak Day.
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For Jan Xu fans...

Stereotypes: Jan and Ling discuss...stuff.
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Now you can own a bag with Jan Xu’s promise: get it get it get it!


Wolf launch will be at Books Actually. More deets to follow.
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Question: If I run an Indiegogo campaign to fund – say – the illustration of Oysters, Pearls & Magic as a graphic novel, are people willing to donate?

(Similarly for the print version of Wolf At The Door)
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Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye's first anniversary is around the corner (7/11). So, gentle readers, what would you like to see for the celebrations?

At the meantime, get some Wolf At The Door merchandise. :)

If you are new to the Jan Xu series, start here. Hopefully, Wolf At The Door will be printed... eventually, with a new cover.
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The print release of Wolf At The Door might be delayed.

Thank you for your patient wait – right now, it’s time to crunch numbers and re-think everything.
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Happy birthday, Wolf At The Door!

The first PDF has already been given away - but I am extending the giveaway. Just drop a reply in the comments section.

And... my interview is tomorrow too!

I also seem to have developed a cough, or that my cough is still lingering. This always happens, before something big ... like my interview when I have to conduct a mock lesson. Gah.


Oh yes, I was the judge for Singapore Dreaming. The winner and honorable mentions are announced. Great job, writers - but work on your craft.

The stories were all grammatically sound, minus some minor errors here and there. The theme was "urban fantasy". Yet I got science fiction as well. The story that stood out was indeed urban fantasy, with angels living amongst humans - the idea of "freaks" is often explored in urban fantasy writing as well.

Note: These are my observations. :)
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... at The Stockton Postcolonial Project

Remember, if you are on Twitter, you can use #wolfynovel to talk about the novel!


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