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Been so busy with stuff that I forgot today is also an important festival!

Happy Lammas! Time to celebrate the harvest!
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DRAGON DANCER (US) will be launched in the US come January 2018.

Happy Lammas, all!


Aug. 2nd, 2015 03:41 pm
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Little girl/Dot turns SIX.

It is also Lammas.

The wheel of the year turns.

Are you ready for change?
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We celebrated Dot's birthday on Thursday which is August 1st. At the same time, I also celebrated Lammas.

So, what are my "first fruits", my harvest? What am I grateful for?

For my girls who are growing up strong, lovely and articulate. For Dot who turned FOUR. :)

For my achievements, writing wise and work wise.

For the tiny blessings everyday.

My voice is still fragile. I can still talk, but my throat will feel the strain. I am due back to school on Monday. Wish me strength.
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Dot celebrated her birthday on the 1st of August. We had seafood and the birthday girl giggled through the entire dinner, especially when it came to the cake (Barney!).

And happy Lammas to those who celebrate.
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Dot turns ONE tomorrow. We embarked into a frenzy of cleaning the house, because both sets of grandparents will be coming over, together with a horde of relatives.

There will be feasting, merriment and laughter. Dot will probably get showered with presents and kisses. She will enjoy it, she being the social girl she is.

And it's Lammas. I count the blessings and are grateful for the harvest(s) in my life. I also let go of things that haunt me, the dry dessicated things. I throw them into the compost heap of my life, let them become rich, fertile once more.

Gardening update: I need to harvest the pomegranates. They are red now. I hope they are sweet too.
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Down again.

What gives?


On happy-making news, Lammas is around the corner. Dot's birthday happens to fall on the same day.

On writery news, book two is gathering speed and the characters are growing too. Taking unexpected turns the story is. Though I am too tired to write more. :(

If you know people who like urban fantasy set in a different land besides American or United Kingdom, please tell them about my new book coming out next year. Little things help.


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