Aug. 2nd, 2015 03:41 pm
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Little girl/Dot turns SIX.

It is also Lammas.

The wheel of the year turns.

Are you ready for change?


Aug. 2nd, 2014 09:03 pm
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Oh Philippa, I missed you. Today I found out you had passed from this realm, because of ovarian cancer.

You were my mentor, a great teacher – and now I know – and a talented SF writer. You gave me a book on feminist SF on my MA graduation day. That knowledge nourished me for years.

Good bye. I couldn’t say goodbye to you. I hope my words wing their way to you.

Thank you thank you thank you so much for being a teacher, a mentor and a role model whom I looked up to.


Dot just had her fifth birthday. Something happy out of the gloom and grief.
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I coughed and hacked my lungs out throughout work today, with the distinct feeling that my chest was tight. Prior to this, I had been fighting an infection which apparently has dug right in and camped in my body like a doughty cranky warrior. Dot also came down with a similar infection, though I think hers originated from the petri dish that is her school. Hers was fever that oscillated from high to low. So the doc gave her strong antibiotics and she is back to her bouncing bushy-eyed self.

My first thought was that I got bronchitis, which I tend to get, when it comes to respiratory problems. But no - doc checked. It's just the infection making its way down my airway, plus that the slight hazy conditions in Singapore don't help, plus my sensitivity.

So, that's my update. I am down with the ick. My brains are still moving, apparently - it's only my airways that are going belly-up.
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We celebrated Dot's birthday on Thursday which is August 1st. At the same time, I also celebrated Lammas.

So, what are my "first fruits", my harvest? What am I grateful for?

For my girls who are growing up strong, lovely and articulate. For Dot who turned FOUR. :)

For my achievements, writing wise and work wise.

For the tiny blessings everyday.

My voice is still fragile. I can still talk, but my throat will feel the strain. I am due back to school on Monday. Wish me strength.


Sep. 12th, 2012 11:48 am
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Interview later today. Monday was an sub-editing test at a local TV station. Things seem to be looking up. Fingers and claws crossed. I don't want to jinx.

Meow is adapting to his new increased med dosage and new diet. My boy cat is now old. I give him scritches and he meows just like a kitten, nudging my hand and rubbing it.

My girls are growing fast. Cub is now a tween, Dot a terrible three. ;)

And I have placed a WIP on Wattpad. Another publishing platform. The writers there are mostly teens.
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Second day of the Chinese New Year is now officially over. Visited my side of the family today and caught up with my favorite cousin who came back from Scotland. Ate a lot. Talked a lot. The girls enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Came back to consume awesome chicken and abalone soup. More eating of popiah.

Now, winding down for the night.

I put up pictures on my writery blog: Enter The Water Dragon.

Likewise, the novella offer - I have extended it for an extended period. If you like Asian YA (young adult) SFF with a futuristic setting and flying alien pterosaurs, get it at Smashwords.

You noticed that I am posting at DW. LJ is on the fritz again.
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Second day of the new year. Feeling physically unwell (coughing and menstrual problems). Still adjusting to the fact that I might not work this year.

Still writing.

Still watching my girls grow up, though these days, I dread their fights. :(
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Dot celebrated her birthday on the 1st of August. We had seafood and the birthday girl giggled through the entire dinner, especially when it came to the cake (Barney!).

And happy Lammas to those who celebrate.
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Real life, at the moment, is brutal. Dot is down with a viral infection. Her fever dingdongs from high to low. So she is cranky, unhappy and clingy. When the medications work, she is back to her usual cheerful self. But when the fever returns, she is lethargic and refuses to play.

I managed to write my synopsis for book two of the Jan Xu series: Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye is in the works. Now I am sleepy, sniffly and wishing that I have a cosy bed to sleep in. LOL.

I have made some updates on A Wolf's Tale. I should blog more, especially when it comes to my books. Likewise, if you like my books, do help me signal boost, tell people about them!

And I have started gardening again. ;)
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One story has been accepted by M-Brane SF.

My school may purchase my books and place them in the library. If the response is good, there may be a book signing (and sale). *checks if Mercury has gone direct*

Work-wise, I am bracing myself for another load of marking (second essay test for the kiddies). I leafed through my first class and winced.

Cub and Dot are beautiful girls. I look at them - they are growing up fast. They give me hugs so readily now... what happens when they become teens? Where did the time go?
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Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox!

I spent the better part of yesterday's morning, exploring Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve. Brought along my camera. The girls loved it! Dot was so amazed by the huge monitor lizards ambling around and sunbathing. My photography skills are rusty... but I had fun. One thing about having a passion is about having fun.

And we had the supermoon! Brighter, definitely "bigger" - but it was all a beautiful illusion. I didn't get to take photographs of it though. But I admired it from afar.

I am not sure about you, but yes, I am heartened by trees. Especially by my favorite trees found at Sungei Buloh. Beside the casuarina, I also love the sea almond tree. I had a vision of wolves, of Singaporean wolves, trotting along the sunlit tropical forest path. Not your typical timberwolves, mind you. I felt the swish of tail and the swivel of ear. Even Cub saw that I was happier.

School starts again tomorrow. I have a backlog of marking to finish. EEP!
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Happy St Patrick's to those who celebrate!

Having the March break here (a week, mind). A backlog of marking, since I seem to get waylaid by something. Finally drafted the blog post for SF Signal though.

The girls are fine. Cub is enjoying her holiday. Dot is learning how to jump and knows a few words. They are both very precocious, well, sometimes I just want to pull my hair in frustration.

Working on some issues. Balance, equilibrium and learning how to let go. Some people can't change overnight.

Will write more once I get my thoughts settled.

And two more weeks to book release. EEEPPPP!
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Bronchitis strikes again! I am sipping hot honey to soothe my throat which feels like Meow's claws: sharp and clingy.

Actual lessons start next week, so tomorrow will be lesson planning!

Taking it easy with writing. I have a few on-going projects and I feel as if I am spread thin. So... yes, I am taking it easy.

The family is dealing with the flu - the girls are still active (!!!) and chatty (!!!). Dot is now an extremely lively girl. Cub is now in Primary Two. Heh. I am coping with changes once more.
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So, yes, the household is down with degrees of it. Baby is coughing and sniffling. I am coughing. The weekend has become one of cleaning up after baby.

At least, we got to go out and enjoy the (blistering) sunshine, if you ignore the coughing in the background.

I crave soup. Lots of it.


Regarding Wolf At The Door news: I posted this on Twitter recently. Do feel free to signal boost, pass the word around.
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Fifth day of the Chinese New Year. Most of us - well, in Singapore - have gone back to work. And boy, Monday came back with a vengeance. Awful traffic jams caused by accidents. I saw a pair of sport shoes, strewn apart from each other, while a fallen motorbike lay desolate on the road. Took almost 30 minutes to clear one stretch of the expressway. By then I was already late for work.

Work is interesting. I feel...creative.

Dot has fever, but it doesn't seem to hinder her. I suspect a growth spurt.

And SPORE-CON 2011 is in the works. I have TO duties!

Now to be motivated like this for the rest of the year!
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Dot came over to me and kissed me. All on her own. No prompt or whatever.

It made my day
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Dot head-butted me on the nose. I thought it was broken (because we all heard the loud 'crunch' and I ended up sobbing out of sheer shock and pain). But it turned out to be just a bruising.

Sore neck and arm was/is the product of pinched nerves and a symptom of degeneration. Doc recommended physio to get the neck nerves going again.

He also gave me a day of medical leave. I might just take a half day off work. Oh bloody hell, I need a rest.
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It seems that my life is now a series of Excel files masquerading as schedules, proposals and lists. I have never liked Excel. Will never like it in the future. At the moment, I simply tolerate it, just as a wolf tolerates people staring at it.

Hell, I am a wolf. Wolf is chaffing much.

I haven't done much photography in the past few weeks... nay... months. Started doing some simple shots and they came up like crap. I have gone rusty.

Next week, work will ramp up a new notches. I am going to start revising the schedule once more.

Writing wise, I was able to put in some words into my urban fantasy work in progress. The wip is now 51k and counting. I am still worried as to how people would accept/like/hate/meh Book One (out next year).

Baby's fever subsided overnight. Cub's having examinations. It seems that the year is tumbling forward. Soon, it will be Samhain and then Yule.
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I went to see the ENT specialist yesterday. The ENT center happens to be situated together with the children's clinics. So the waiting room was full of running, cranky and sick kids. I waited for a hour and more, before seeing the doctor.

Had the hearing test done, my ears probed and so forth... nothing. I am apparently okay. The vertigo isn't life-threatening. But it will be worse in times of stress. So eep. My current job will get stressful in the near future. :P

Now, a moment of respite. I have the house to myself. The girls are staying with my inlaws (for a night). D is out. The house is oddly quiet. I will probably go and catch up on my sleep.
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I did the handover today, returning the stuff back to the school. I felt a weight off my shoulders and a certain sadness, because I did develop some degree of rapport with the kids.

My dad thought that the school had short-changed me and breached the contract.

But he's right: Nobody should treat me like garbage. I have rights too.

Maybe the word 'garbage' is too strong here. I am not expendable. I am not something to be discarded once I have reached the end of my usefulness. Too many times I have witnessed schools treating their staff like that... which is not right at all.

Granted that the main concern is for the students (or the school's overall performance), but teachers have rights too. Overworked, stressed and trying to balance the hideous workload with family life - teachers do not have easy lives. A lot of people say that the pay is good, but at the expense of mental and physical health?

Enough of my ranting. :P

I am keeping myself busy, throwing out resumes and looking after Cub and Dot. Writing my urban fantasy story, enjoying it. Living my life day by day. I am going to see an ENT specialist soon regarding my vertigo problem. I am going to get that thing fixed.

Many thanks to the words of encouragement from all of you!


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