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And also Happy Samhain!
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May your fires be lit!
May your walk between the veils be fruitful!


May. 1st, 2014 09:45 am
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It's Beltane!

I lit candles in lieu of the fires last night. It's May now - the Wheel is fast moving into the next season.

And this. Diversity is only a cool buzzword if you don't put it in action.
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Happy Beltane!.

(and Samhain to the Southern Hemisphere peeps!)
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To all.

And a good May Day.
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Followed Cub to the zoo as a parent volunteer - and the heavens rumbled and thundered. We didn't visit the zoo at the end. But the girls had fun, even though they were a little disappointed. Cub was so excited about the zoo visit, especially when Mommy was the parent volunteer for her class. The teachers took extra precautions, because of lightning (the area where the zoo is situated is well-known for lightning strikes). At the moment, she's happily playing her Wii: a cooking game.

I liked watching Cub interacting with her classmates. I could see that she is coping well in school and has made friends. She has her group of friends whom she hang out with. She is eloquent and sociable, mingling well with her peers.

Last night, I attended the Straits Times Forum Dialogue session. Interesting insights into the workings of a newsroom. High stress, change being the constant. I also got name-cards and referrals to a few folks working at the departments. Resumes were sent.

Still waiting for answers from the history consultancy company.

Now, to sip tea and hopefully to write.

And it's Beltane! How are you celebrating?


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