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Meow, my boy cat who is now an elderly cat, got admitted to animal hospital last Friday. He was diagnosed with diabetes and hated being in the hospital. Right now he's happily sunning himself in the spot of sunlight. Much better-looking now and less miserable.

Meanwhile, job search continues with random hair-tearing and empty promises.

Meanwhile, contracts (writing/publishing) are getting drafted and signed (I hope).

I can only hope so much until my heart breaks. My heart has been broken too many times of late. Goddess knows why I am still standing, still (oddly) optimistic. It feels like I am hitting a wall all the time.


Nov. 17th, 2011 07:52 pm
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We are well into November now. I am busy writing (if I have time) the third book of the Jan Xu series. We also celebrated Cub's birthday (11-11-11). In between, I managed to squeeze in a book launch and a BBQ.

Midnight, our black kitty, has kidney issues (of which D isn't saying at the moment - I will go prod it out of him). Her blood count isn't good, apparently. At the moment, she looks fine and a little indignant. I am probably on her hate list now. Please do keep her in your prayers. I have lost Cat and Sugar. I don't want to lose another cat.

Happier news: I bought a pitcher plant and named it Shelob (for obvious reasons).

For people who have been keeping an eye on my venture into writing: Goodreads page for Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye
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My aunt's cat, Cleo, passed away.

She was really old, deaf and blind.

Farewell Cleo.


Contemplative. Not really keen on interaction with people.
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Looks like I will be teaching again, starting from next week. JC1 (senior high school for US folks who want to know the equivalent), General Paper (argumentative writing etc etc).

Don't worry. I will still be writing. Only that I will be mostly online (if my energies are willing) at night (and I probably have to end up preparing lessons and marking essays).

I am also dealing with some stuff in real life. Going to bring Meow to the vet. He's bleeding. :( So, expect radio silence from me on LJ. Folks who know my contact number, feel free to poke me.


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