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Is up. Chapter Twenty two is the second last chapter of the novella.

It has been a few months of exhilaration and fun. My disease is now in remission, but recently I have discovered another smaller lump. The appointment to see the breast specialist has been made.

So, if you can, signal boost, read it and talk about it.
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And there is a new chapter of Dragon Physician up. Next week - Lunar New Year week - will see a new story up (only for patrons only).
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DRAGON PHYSICIAN, a #YA with racing dragons & gender issues: @Patreon #WeNeedDiverseBooks #AsianFantasy


Feb. 1st, 2015 06:24 pm
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Last week, my trusty laptop (and old...) decided to die. Its hard drive crashed.

Today, on Imbolc, it's back, newly repaired with newer insides. To celebrate the start of February, a new chapter of Dragon Physician:

There are eggs! And just who's this new girl?
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They ate this in the story, now you can try cooking it. :)


More at the Patreon page.
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I have caught the cold! Sore throat, aching limbs. Teaching seems to have aggravated the sore throat. Voice is hanging on by a thread.

Posted Chapter 17 of Dragon Physician.

Also got my first story acceptance for the year. Yay!

Now to beat the cold into submission.
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And a belated Blessed Yule and Christmas.

And also Summer Solstice to Southern Hemisphere peeps!

I posted Chapter 13 of Dragon Physician for your reading pleasure! From here, the action starts!
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Chapter Seven: Is Jixin making a big mistake?


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