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I woke up from a strange dream. The dream saw me wandering along a rushing river, teeming with life. I saw lionesses and their cub, even leopards. The scene switched and I found myself inside a building, apparently a visitor center built beside the river. But everything was derelict. The cafe was gone. The center had a lot of plants and they were all in need of watering. I watered them, filling a pail with water. When people wandered in, they were also roped in to help. The river dried up, because the source was cut off.

I got my job and I am starting work on Monday.

This weekend is SPORE-Con and I will be busy.


The smells of dinner drift along the corridor. Fried fish. Sizzling garlic. Sesame oil. The setting sun casts a golden sheen on the roof tops of the blocks of flats. It is the magical moment before night.

She inhales the aromas, glad to be alive.

A chill wind touches her skin.

Her dagger vibrates. She feels it through her bag.

A dark shadow darts away at the corner of her eye. It looks larger than the usual hungers she hunt at night. She gives chase, drawing her dagger. She passes by children who whisper gleefully: “Dragon, dragon, dragon.”*

* - a bit of what I am working on at the moment.
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Fifth day of the Chinese New Year. Most of us - well, in Singapore - have gone back to work. And boy, Monday came back with a vengeance. Awful traffic jams caused by accidents. I saw a pair of sport shoes, strewn apart from each other, while a fallen motorbike lay desolate on the road. Took almost 30 minutes to clear one stretch of the expressway. By then I was already late for work.

Work is interesting. I feel...creative.

Dot has fever, but it doesn't seem to hinder her. I suspect a growth spurt.

And SPORE-CON 2011 is in the works. I have TO duties!

Now to be motivated like this for the rest of the year!
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Yes, We Do.
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Here's some!.

Plus folks in the SFF Panel.
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SPORE-Con is finally over. Two days of gaming, SFF panel and general good fun. The multi-purpose hall was arctic cold though. Had to wear my Jedi robe (which is comfy warm), but I ended up coming down with a dripping nose. Managed to find the medication for it.



It was intimate and cozy, but the discussion flowed and questions asked, answered. I will come up with something more detailed, once I get my thoughts organized (like herding cats).

In short:

The trick now is to form an unified front. You know, being serious about it, being a proper group and all. More - of course - when I have recovered from the con. ;)

And WOOT! I actually signed something. Not my books, but a short story ("The Sound Of Breaking Glass"). Oh MY GOD! ;) I think I will live off the euphoria for a week. *LOL* But now, it's back to the hard yakka: WRITE.

[and kidwrangling and work - yes, I will be starting work soon as a teacher]
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Conference Room, Pasir Ris East CC.

Singaporean SFF. Signal-boost. Come down, support us, meet us. I might buy you lunch. ;)


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