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I am mulling over this thought while I am doing editorial work on this Monday morning. First thing first: A big warm hug of gratitude to my supporters, readers and signal boosters! Without your likes and your support, I won’t be able to continue writing and producing things.

But that being said, this is the hard part. Can I reach $100? I know times are hard and I totally understand that. It’s always my dream to write full-time and 2017 is proving to be the year where I am actually *writing* a lot. Which is good – and this also gives me time to work on my health issues (invisible illnesses are no fun) as well. I left full-time teaching for good last year and deciding to embark on full-time writing was/is a big decision. I tried it a while back and it failed spectacularly. I ended back going back to work.

I am trying this again. I know that I am no big name author with a big fanbase. I do know that my Patreon payout does help in my medical fees. I do know that my Patreon payout helps in my savings. So, if you can, signal boost, spread the word out.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

My Patreon
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Firstly, a new chapter is up on Ming Zhu and The Pearl that Shines. Includes: recipe!

Secondly, THE SEA IS OURS has a Facebook page! Go, like, read, stuff! THE SEA IS OURS: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia.

Personally, the medication to combat this breast disease of mine is kicking my ass. The fatigue is enormous! If you want to help with the med fees (meds cause money), get my books. Or become a patreon for my Patreon. Note: new webserial.

So, that's my week at the moment.
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My first story of the year, The Sunboat Heads East, is in an awesome collection of stories Bards and Sages Quarterly.
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Yuan Xiao falls on the 15th lunar day of the Chinese New Year. It is a full moon. This festival marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Also called Chap Goh Meh, it is the Chinese "Valentine". Generally, my family marks it with a good meal and tang yuan (glutinous dumplings).

To celebrate Yuan Xiao, I am posting this. Tale of Yin, the duology of both Oysters, Pearls & Magic and Path of Kindness.


Only 1.99 at Gumroad: here.

Happy Yuan Xiao!
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We See A Different Frontier: A Postcolonial Speculative Fiction Anthology is now available for sale. I share TOC space with many science fiction greats. Grab a copy today!

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic will be launched during World Fantasy Con. I have a story in there too.

If you are interested in my urban fantasy series, try Wolf At The Door first, and then Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye. Wolf also has a print version. :-)
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My voice, that is.


But... rejoice, there is new fiction:

TWO full chapters of Dark Claw now.

Werelions in Singapore.

Now, to get my voice back.
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Drake and dragon fans, the first full chapter of Dark Claw is up:

Chapter One
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... plus, more pictures from the world-building workshop: here.
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Goodnight Dune

If you like Dune in children's book format!

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A post on my writery blog, about wolves in the world of Wolf At The Door.
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I am so ready for February. Chun jie. Spring Festival. Lunar New Year. At the moment, I still feel as if I am in a limbo of some sorts.

Today, I slept in. Totally exhausted for no particular reason.

Tonight, I posted this.

Tonight, I also did writery admin and edits. Sent to editor.

And as I have said, I am so ready for February.
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Updated every Tuesday.

And please do read [profile] fantasyecho's story Between Islands!
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And The Basics Of Flight is the fiction featured. ;)


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