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I am back from a short trip. Was wonderfully pummelled and massaged. All my knots were loosened. Delicious seafood. Then bam! the moment I stepped foot upon Singapore soil, all my aches and pains came back! :D

Also, Dragon Physician serial launches TODAY.
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Firstly, I signed up to be a Radish writer. The acquisition associate emailed me a few days ago and we chatted via email (since time zones!).

Secondly, I am currently sore, due to hormones. Even in my 40s and experiencing perimenopause, the cramps are just as bad.

So yes, this is my week. I am experiencing the effects of anxiety from two weeks - I desperately need a break away from this country. I want a walkabout.


Jun. 29th, 2017 09:02 am
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I am back from Cambodia. Flew back exactly a week ago. Siem Reap was hot, dry, but an eye-opening experience. Plus, the fried crickets were delicious, yum. Coming back was a culture shock - so much privilege, people taking things for granted.

Then, it's back to normal programming again. I need to plan... things, especially for two books. I ended up starting a new scarf, because this is how I plan: I knit. It's a meditative process where my mind lays out stuff while the needles move.

So, that's about it, small updates. :D


Nov. 23rd, 2013 09:40 pm
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Remembering Anne McCaffrey.
She inspires me.
The Rider Trilogy is a tribute to her.


I remember
A daughter of the sea.


1. There is a group for my YA trilogy fans and readers: the Quetz Convoy. Mostly on Twitter: #QuetzConvoy.

2. I have revived The Book of Phoenii:

3. LAUNCH for Rider and Speaker: DOUBLE HAPPINESS - 12 December, Books Actually, 730pm.

4. I kinda completed my Nano. It’s a novella, but I don’t care.

5. Coping with a resurgence of depression, coupled with imposter syndrome.
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My June holidays are almost over. The marking has been done, the report written. So, what happened to me?

I attended Pink Dot 2011. I went on short trips (Malacca and Bintan). I somehow managed to submit one story and have begun the task of going through my first round edits (for book two of urban fantasy series). In between, I corresponded with a local book distributor regarding my novels.

That's the exciting part.

I am also feeling - at the moment - drained/tired, probably because of my monthly *ahem*. Taking as much as naps I can...

For people who are curious, I have posted most of my writery stuff on A Wolf's Tale. For people who read my UF novel as well as my YA fiction, please do keep on signal-boosting. :)
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Pictures of Malacca.

Back from roadtrip and bracing myself for the weekend trip to Indonesia.


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