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Apologies for not updating the journal as regularly as I should. I am swarmed with marking and real life circumstances (family and health issues).

I look back at all my previous posts from 2001 and realize that I have not been posting about my spirituality or gardening or things in general. I used to write a lot. Now I seem silent on such topics - simply because I have other things in my life? Perhaps I have reached an equilibrium and do not find the need to share constantly.

So. Marking. The boon and bane of every teacher's life. I have 140 scripts to mark and up til the 17th. At the moment, I am tackling the thickest pile. GAH. My eyes and gigantic leaps of logic, suspending beliefs etc. I end up marking their grammar.

My urban fantasy novel (book two!) is due to be released. I am not sure what or how to feel. Excited, yes. The first book has generally positive reviews, though the two-stars ratings do smart a little. A writer's life - have to roll with the sticks and stones.
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... at The Stockton Postcolonial Project

Remember, if you are on Twitter, you can use #wolfynovel to talk about the novel!
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This novel by Penny Ash looks interesting.


May. 24th, 2011 08:32 pm
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Prepared these (and a whole stack of them) for AFCC (Asian Festival of Children's Content).
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Real life, at the moment, is brutal. Dot is down with a viral infection. Her fever dingdongs from high to low. So she is cranky, unhappy and clingy. When the medications work, she is back to her usual cheerful self. But when the fever returns, she is lethargic and refuses to play.

I managed to write my synopsis for book two of the Jan Xu series: Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye is in the works. Now I am sleepy, sniffly and wishing that I have a cosy bed to sleep in. LOL.

I have made some updates on A Wolf's Tale. I should blog more, especially when it comes to my books. Likewise, if you like my books, do help me signal boost, tell people about them!

And I have started gardening again. ;)
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Book Launch/Party at @thegardenslug: with pictures and gushing. ;) #ufchat #sgspec
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Workday tomorrow - and I will soon turn in, right after I have posted this entry.

It's almost a week after book release. And it's a mixed bag of emotions for me. Promotion is definitely eating into my writing time. So is work. I need to write, at least for two hours per day. That if I can deal with the exhaustion of a whole day's work.

Am I the only debut author who checks the rankings everyday? Tell me that's normal!

LJ is on the frizz again. So, I am posting entries in DW and Wordpress.

Keep your eyes peeled. ;)
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"Wolf At The Door" playlist: #ufchat #wolfynovel #watd

(cross-posted at Twitter)
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Wolf At The Door.

Only on release day - 30% off!
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Featured at @joelynalexandra's Book Bites:

A review!

Mar. 31st, 2011 09:00 am
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And a review that makes me dance:
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Updated! - Jan Xu and the World of the Lang - - now with buy links
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Diana Wynne Jones has passed.

Earlier, it was Elizabeth Taylor.

Both great women in their own way.


A week more before my book release. I have to admit, it's all so nerve-wracking. I feel.. I don't know what/how I feel. Only a gnawing fear/terror/joy/anxiety.

Great. Now I am tearing up. I feel so alone. I look at other authors and see their vocal fans. I just want to hide under the covers and fade into nothing. Maybe because I am a nothing in a big angry sea of somethings and Big Things. My YA fiction is such a failure. I am not sure about my Urban Fantasy...

There. Working out my anxiety...


So, how's everybody?
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A post on my writery blog, about wolves in the world of Wolf At The Door.


Jan. 26th, 2011 11:20 am
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Get your bags, your mugs and prints!

Perhaps, if you meet me one day, I get to sign them!


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