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So I am down with something. My GP said it was the flu. It feels like a massive drainage of all my energies and leaving behind a ton of lead.

I missed two days of work, damn it. My pocket sure felt the impact. No love for flexi-adjunct teachers who want to go back to the service, but are penalized for things like... motherhood.

You can see I am grumpy.
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I am quiet. A good state to be in. I need quiet. After feeling a storm of discontentment this week, I think I am ready to go within.

Bought new plants: rosemary and an oxalis.

Work is picking up a few notches.
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Rainy day here. Good day to sleep in. Bronchitis slowly going away (but still coughing up lime-green phlegm - ugh, gross, I know...). D let me to sleep in.

Found myself going to an interview to a local junior college (high school for you guys in US). I will be teaching again for a term. Right now, we are going through paperwork and approvals. So, yes, I have a job.

An email conversation with a friend reminds me that I need to come up with a marketing plan for my book release. Wait, I got it written down somewhere... *rummages through her notes* Marketing is always the hardest...

Still working on My novella signal boost. Added social media aids.


Still feeling vulnerable. I want to curl up under the blankets and hide. But of course, I can't. I have to be wife, mother and daughter.

I have to be strong.
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Sick and sore.

That's my current state. Flu and sore right side. Couldn't sleep last night, because of retching and sore back.

I am at work though.


Archaeological dig was fun. 13th and 14th century artefacts found. Whee!
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Vertigo and headache.

I have to talk to my specialist now.

Seriously, it's affecting work. You know, the work where I have to go teach.

And CFS - that too.

The luxury of working as a full-time writer eludes me.
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Had great fun with [profile] fantasyecho. We had yummy (ohmygodyummydeliciousNOM!) choco cheese cake at the Cookie Museum (at the Esplanade).

We talked a lot (writing, activism, POC, SFF and steampunk). Had our shoulders and feet massaged and nibbled by hungry fish - very relaxing.

And [profile] fantasyecho, pitch your story idea. Pitch it, pitch it, pitch it!

Mmm, I will shelf the "Instant Gratification novel vs Slow-and-Steady Story" blog idea for the next time.

And yes, I will definitely plan for Wiscon. ;)


Cub attended yet another birthday party. A lot of screaming little girls, pretty girly things and noisy games. Most of the parents retreated to the outskirts of the party. :P
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Happy 4th of July to my American folks and a belated Canada Day to my Canadian peeps.


Still feeling fatigued. Slept for three hours (for a nap!). My folks let me. I think they knew I was that tired. Give me a month or two to get myself back on track.

Bought a pretty blouse and a load of yummy snacks.

Dot is now walking a lot more. I have her picture as my desktop wallpaper.


My grandmother is not doing well. I am feeling... uneasy.
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Struck by vertigo again. I don't like this. It affects everything I do (or try to).

Prepared my lesson plan, having reported in on Monday. They are still working out the sitting arrangement and the time tables are not ready. So, yes, I am again groping in the dark. The joys of teaching.

Writing as usual - though I wonder if I could write when school formally starts. My book two is turning out well, with strange corners and bends. I can't wait for Book One to be released, though I am half-scared how it would turn out (or if I actually get readers). There is paperwork to be done still.

And for the isopod fans, I actually found the dreaded tongue-eating parasite sea louse. In a snapper prepared for dinner. At first, I thought the large white lump was fish roe. So I poked it and it ... came off. I fished it out, only to see a thumb-sized white and segmented bug-like creature. It freaked my daughter out. Needless to say, it was removed asap.

Now to continue writing before work consumes me. Hey wait, writing is work.
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Well, good news on the publishing front: I signed a contract to have "The Sound Of Breaking Glass" translated into Hebrew. And a story is accepted by MBRANE-SF. ;)

Will be quiet during the weekend.
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For the weekend.
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So, according to the doctor, it's not the Thorian Death Plague. It's... stomach flu. Well, that explains why I was visiting the throne room frequently.

Double-whammy: my period came, compounding the exhaustion.

But I remember the good things.

... That my girls are gorgeous, smart and feisty.
... That my family is with me.
... That I need to remember my dreams: wolves, journeying and the full moon.
... That I have begun the pre-edits, the dreaded and needed 'search-and-destroy' passive/redundant words/verbs.

Friday is Vesak Day.
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Fever's not going away. Vicious little bug - Thorian Death Plague!

The body aches make it hard for me to sleep at night, not to mention the oscillating fever.

Thank you folks for the well wishes!

Thank you folks who signal-boosted "Cogwork Cat". ;)

Now, for some light eating (things not going down that well)...
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Hit by the flu truck. Awfully quick onset: body aches, chills and sore back. Fever arrived pretty much at the same time. One thing about me: when I fall sick, I fall really sick.

Will have to put the pre-edits on hold.
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I guess I haven't posted a full update about what's happening in my life at the moment.

Well, I attended Pink Dot, I went to the hospital for my medical appointment (and to discuss options with my Ob-gyn who was delighted to see Dot), I started to write book two of my urban fantasy-set-in-Singapore series (yes, three-book arc, I am that crazy/ambitious). Goals are simpler now for me: life's little pleasures. No need to sweat over the small stuff and get myself into psychological pretzels. I constantly remind myself to let go and let be.

Onto the whee! stuff: My fiction will be appearing in Everyday Fiction on the 20th of May ("Cogwork Cat") and in the June edition of Semaphore Magazine ("The Sound Of Breaking Glass").

I have also signed a contract with Lyrical Press. Yes, I sold the urban fantasy story. It's a small/independent press, not your Big Publisher type - but it's a start. Lyrical Press is mainly erotica/romance, but they are also interested in urban fantasy/paranormal sub-genres. And yes, they are also looking for steampunk.

The Basics Of Flight is now serialized on the World SF Blog. Thank you, my readers and supporters!

More when I get my brains organized.
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I confess. I cried like crazy yesterday. The news that I didn't get the job hit me pretty hard. Now, I am still weepy. Restless, resentful, a riot.

What's about Singapore and having to get a job? Is the all mighty dollar the Mammon of the new age now? My parents ragging at me to get a job isn't helping my mood.

So, out went a few resumes.

I read something by Guy Hasson about foreign authors versus American/UK authors on the World SF blog. We 'foreign' authors do not have the cushy time to write. Most of us juggle other things besides writing. We wish we have the luxury to write. But hey, I am in Singapore. Writing is considered 'frivolous', a past-time.
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Got my tickets for the AFCC.

And nope, I didn't get the history researcher job.

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Followed Cub to the zoo as a parent volunteer - and the heavens rumbled and thundered. We didn't visit the zoo at the end. But the girls had fun, even though they were a little disappointed. Cub was so excited about the zoo visit, especially when Mommy was the parent volunteer for her class. The teachers took extra precautions, because of lightning (the area where the zoo is situated is well-known for lightning strikes). At the moment, she's happily playing her Wii: a cooking game.

I liked watching Cub interacting with her classmates. I could see that she is coping well in school and has made friends. She has her group of friends whom she hang out with. She is eloquent and sociable, mingling well with her peers.

Last night, I attended the Straits Times Forum Dialogue session. Interesting insights into the workings of a newsroom. High stress, change being the constant. I also got name-cards and referrals to a few folks working at the departments. Resumes were sent.

Still waiting for answers from the history consultancy company.

Now, to sip tea and hopefully to write.

And it's Beltane! How are you celebrating?
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I have just come back from an interview. History researcher. My fingers are crossed.

The skies are dark, but I feel elated.
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Saturday is almost gone here. Tired, drained, trying to be cat-herder (for my two girls). Swirling thoughts in head.

Duan Wu is round the corner. I am inspired to write a short story. Flash fiction probably, if my body permits me.

I might end up removing the urban-fantasy-set-in-Singapore. Sorry folks. :(

Now for some hot tea, some editing and then a comfy bed. No wait, I need to print the documents out first for the interview on Monday - they want to see my research papers. Hope they like Joan of Arc and medieval history.
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PI (Paradigm Infinitum) celebrated its eighth birthday today with copious amounts of pizza, donuts and fizzlies. And a delicious cake (praline!). All the loyal customers of the shop, folks who have grown up with and in the shop, turned up. Good mingling with friends and warm fuzzies. I also got my pedicure done - my own time-out.

Cub won a medal in an intra-school archery competition. She is really proud of her medal. I treated her to ice-cream and spaghetti.

Dot is now sleeping off her Sunday excitement.

I have been planning myself. Ambitious I know, but I ended up with a three-book arc (not written yet) for my yet untitled YA series. I need some goals to follow, but I have to keep telling myself to be gentle (for self). Writing isn't a competition.

There are some raw and vulnerable places in me that need some healing. I feel like an oyster. ;)


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