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Merry Christmas!

Sol Invictus!
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Season's Greetings!.

For those who do not celebrate, may you have a good restful weekend. :D
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And Merry Yule and Summer Solstice!

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And a belated Blessed Yule and Christmas.

And also Summer Solstice to Southern Hemisphere peeps!

I posted Chapter 13 of Dragon Physician for your reading pleasure! From here, the action starts!
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This is an awesome commercial.

And happy (belated) Midsummer's Day for the people in the Northern Hemisphere, happy (belated) Yule for the people in the Southern Hemisphere.
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And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.

For me, it's the Winter Solstice!



Dec. 9th, 2013 05:48 pm
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Yes, I am still alive.

Yes, it's leading up to Yule now.
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To those who celebrate: Happy Thanksgiving.

Let's look forward to Yule.
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Happy Beltane!.

(and Samhain to the Southern Hemisphere peeps!)
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Path of Kindness, chapter 6 is up and running.

Have a good Yule and Winter Solstice


I am doing last-minute shopping tomorrow. Daiso is a good idea.

It has been a tumultuous week for Singaporeans. The subway system apparently broke down and caused massive disruption. Likewise (for the world), Kim Jong II passed away as well as Vaclav Havel.

Change can be terrifying.
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Sorry for the crappy phone picture...
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For me, I am celebrating Yule. Dong zhi. Winter Solstice. A new year comes. Am I ready for it?

These days, I feel raw, like an exposed oyster. I still have to upload the Brisbane/Queensland pictures. My bronchitis has retreated to the back of my mind, but I can still hear it rasping and hissing away, a chained animal with needle-sharp claws tightening my chest like a painful thought.

Doubts come arising up. Am I that stupid? A failure. Not good thoughts to have on Yule. What have I done this year?

There is always 2011 to look forward to. My novel. My shorts. I have a path to walk. Do you want to walk with me?

My DW journal account is expiring. :P


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