Oct. 24th, 2018 08:41 pm
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Renewed DW account. Scaled down to paid, not premium.

Likewise, Samhain/Halloween (or Beltane) card draws are on until end of the month. The deck is inspired by/based on Southeast Asian/Peninsular Malaysian fauna.

A couple of things I worked on got published/greenlit. An anthology of international spec poetry will be out on the 4th of December.

And if things will work out, fingers crossed, I will be writing serialised fiction.

I am still feeling the remnants of anxiety, spillover from last week which was not an easy week (it being exam results week for Cub/my eldest). I haven't written anything. Instead I baked bread, drew stuff and made pumpkin soup from scratch. I am considering taking another break, since I also feel the onset of PMS. :/
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November is the month of light-going-within for me. Going into hibernation, waiting for spring. At the moment, work is still work. But I am learning how to cope with the stress.

Cub will be having her birthday next week. So preparations for her are now apace.

Nano-wise: I am taking it slow and easy, because well, work is consuming much of my creative energy and space.

I am tired and I need to re-charge. Perhaps, going within and working on Walking The Equator Dream might help. Warrior saints. Dragonflies. The universe couldn't be more obvious.


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