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First, my desktop decided to die.

Second, my Patreon earnings dropped, because of Patreon's silly changes.

Third, my anxiety had me in knots last night, so much so my middle hurt and my gastrointestinal issues came back.

Hopefully, today will be better.
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Announced on Twitter the picturebook I am working on with Jason Li.


And... I am now part of the SFWA Mentor Program as a mentor. Can't wait. Am quite excited!
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Current (cough mixture-influenced) thoughts:
If I have 10k,
2. Turn Umbel & Panicle into a paying market.
3. Fund picturebook project.
4. Go for a retreat
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Physically, thank you very much.

Not metaphorically, well-meaning FB person.

But at least, without distraction, I could write and I reached the 11k marker today for book two.
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I have lozenges, cough mixture and decongestant from doc. No writing. Hey, I passed 10k. :P
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I have a cough, which is a result of the cold I had during the weekend. And I also blame the weather, which has been unseasonally warm. The weatherman predicted thunderstorms in the second week of October - so far, it's still blistering warm and bright (gorgeous) sunshine.

I threw stuff into the slow cooker and am going to take a short nap/sleep. Hopefully, I could go for my walk/run later. We shall see.
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Gosh, where did the time go!

Writing and planning book 2 of YA fantasy. Glossary and a field guide with sketches/illustrations. It's fun and I enjoy this part of world-building.
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I am going to listen to my body and go rest.

Meanwhile, stay focused, stay disciplined, the world (news) is a mess right now and everything demands your attention. You have the power to say no and turn off your electronic device. Breathe, rest.
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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival... and happy book birthday to Starfang book 3!
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It did storm, elsewhere on the island. Flash floods too, apparently.

I was promised a thunderstorm. Where is it?
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The sky is cloudy and I am waiting for the thunderstorm to hit.


Sep. 14th, 2018 11:20 am
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The blazing sunlight and the heat is back, triggering yet another hot flush/of feeling warm. I suspect we are in for a big thunderstorm though. *crosses fingers*
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Had the Mid-Autumn Festival One-Word Prompt Day yesterday. Yielded seven illustrations whereby a friend commented that they remind her of Beatrice Potter. :)

I am wondering if I should open for commissions. I have afterall done commissioned art for Strange Horizons (as part of fundraiser - note: I am also staff) and The Future Fire.

Writing-wise, I want to get back to writing Book 2 of the YA fantasy under Scholastic Asia. The story map is printed. I did some amendments/changes. I just need to start.

I am also getting back to DnD 5e. The campaign is going to be held at Roll20 - so some time to get used to for this old workhorse. And I can't keep track of all my accounts and passwords already!


Sep. 9th, 2018 09:53 pm
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I am so glad that Ghost Month is finally over and we can focus on Mid-Autumn Festival. So prepare for Mice!
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With a slew of medical appointments this month (mine and family's), my wallet feels the impact, like a bone-crunching blow to my solar plexus. Next slew will be in November.

I am suddenly tempted... really tempted... to go back to full-time work.

If you want to help (like donate a coin or two), I would greatly appreciate it.

My Patreon link: Patreon.
My Kofi link: Kofi.

If you would like to buy books (pdfs):

My Gumroad.

No Comment.

Sep. 4th, 2018 09:22 am
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This is rich coming from a community that doesn't come to my defense when I need help. Or misconstrue my concerns as "complaining" or "bitter".
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(should it be Mice, Mice!)

Happy 1st September!

(Happy Teacher's Day!)
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We discussed the cover today!

Still stomach fluey. Last night was just awful: chills and all.
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I am down with stomach flu. At the current time of writing, I am up because chills. I found myself wrapping a scarf around my shoulders and donning more t-shirts. (Bizarre, because two weeks ago, I was trying to have fewer clothing on me, because blistering hot).

So, it's basically fever, stomach cramps (which felt like an extreme version of PMS), and a feeling of being really sick. Fluids, bed rest, and hopefully, everything will be over.

To make it worse, Cub got it too.


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