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2019-04-24 01:32 pm

*muffled screaming*

Cannot look for support/empathy/sympathy online anymore. Gonna just scream in my head until I go mad. Basically I have zero trust in people whose sole intention seems to invalidate my feelings by downplaying them or outright gaslighting, so much so I feel like I am a fucking loon instead.

Mate, I don't trust internet friends anymore.
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2019-04-16 12:44 pm
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First thing:

Dragon Physician ends tomorrow (Wednesday 17th). I really feel for this little YA fantasy of mine, because it's a heart book (just like so many of my books). I really want to see it published (as a real book) and am gratified by the reception I have received on Radish. Thank you, all you 13 subscribers.

Here's the link:

Second thing:

There are so many awful things happening (Notre Dame, passing of sff greats etc). All I wish for people is to be less shitty to people who are hurt. Nobody benefits from playing "I hurt more than you" games. Please be kind and empathetic to people's needs!

Third thing:

Mid-Autumn Mice art are on sale! If you love my Mice and would like to see them on tote bags, cushion covers and greeting cards:
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2019-03-27 08:43 pm
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Back from ICFA (and probably done with travelling for the rest of the year)!

I am back from ICFA.

Two weeks to acclimatise back to Singapore. :P

More to come later.
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2019-02-19 02:17 pm

Happy Yuan Xiao/Chap Goh Meh!

It's the 15th day of the Lunar New Year celebrations and we celebrate the end of the festivities with lanterns, full moon, riddles and tang yuan.

This being yet another day with a doctor's appointment, I will celebrate later.
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2019-02-14 12:40 pm

Happy Lunar New Year!

I haven't updated the blog for a while - but happy Lunar New Year! Gung hei fatt choy!

We also celebrated Bai Tian Gong yesterday, which falls on the 9th day of the 15-day Lunar New Year festivities. Bai Tian Gong has special significance to Hokkien Chinese as it is a day of gratitude and celebrating the birthday of the Jade Emperor.

Also sent off all my edits. So, I am giving myself a semi-hiatus.


Also Valentine's and Galentine's Day!
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2019-01-02 12:37 pm

Happy New Year!

It's the 2nd here and already I signed a contract. :D

Now I am waiting for the real New Year: Lunar New Year.

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2018-12-25 09:57 am

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Sol Invictus!
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2018-12-19 10:57 am
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Be right back!
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2018-12-12 06:31 pm
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Dragon Sisters is listed as one of the best dragon series on Book Riot! And Water Into Wine is a hidden gem that deserves more reads!

Thank you! You made me very happy!
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2018-12-01 02:28 pm

1st December!

November is gone.

Advent starts.
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2018-11-27 10:44 pm
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Update: November almost over.

And I am glad it's almost over. A slew of medical appointments all around the end of the month and I am sick of them.
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2018-11-23 09:35 pm

Happy Wolfenoot!

Feast! Howl! Be merry!
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2018-11-19 01:05 pm
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Updates: Hopefully...

After consulting with my doctor and talking it out with him, I am now on a course of medication to control and balance out my anxiety. Fingers crossed.

I gave myself a break after a couple of days of intense edits. Will probably go back to tomorrow-ish.
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2018-11-09 10:14 pm
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Irony: people telling me that I have a lot stacked against me.

Yes, I know and I don't need reminders. Unless you have a solution that can help me, please don't tell me that you love my passion/energy.

Please be more mindful!
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2018-11-07 11:53 am

Update: Dragon Physician serial launch day and back from trip.

I am back from a short trip. Was wonderfully pummelled and massaged. All my knots were loosened. Delicious seafood. Then bam! the moment I stepped foot upon Singapore soil, all my aches and pains came back! :D

Also, Dragon Physician serial launches TODAY.
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2018-11-02 12:42 pm


So... What entails for November?

1. Edits for Fire Heart.

2. Writing a glossary for Fire Heart to accompany field guide.

3. Yule Mice (if possible).

4. Launching Dragon Physician on Radish.

5. Going away for a break.

Why going away for a break? I am exhausted. This year has been great writing-related, but my emotions are wrecked. International news are not helping. We are going into dark times and the world feels it.

I might also take the away time to think about my future, health-wise. I might have to see my therapist/psychiatrist again. November is also where they pack all my important medical appointments together. So you get the blood tests, the mammogram and the liver scans together in a week! Goddess knows how I am going to cope with the financial aspects of all these tests... But I am crossing my fingers.

So... This is November for me. :)
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2018-10-31 12:20 pm

Happy Samhain and Halloween!

And Merry Beltane to the Southern Hemisphere folks!

Also: I am now a verified Radish author and I will be launching my YA fantasy serial about dragon racing on 7 November.

Click here if you want to subscribe!.


RIP Jin Yong.

I have grown watching wuxia drama serials based on his books. He is a legend and will still continue to be, having inspired so many writers.
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2018-10-26 09:46 am

Updates: Radish and hormones

Firstly, I signed up to be a Radish writer. The acquisition associate emailed me a few days ago and we chatted via email (since time zones!).

Secondly, I am currently sore, due to hormones. Even in my 40s and experiencing perimenopause, the cramps are just as bad.

So yes, this is my week. I am experiencing the effects of anxiety from two weeks - I desperately need a break away from this country. I want a walkabout.
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2018-10-24 08:41 pm


Renewed DW account. Scaled down to paid, not premium.

Likewise, Samhain/Halloween (or Beltane) card draws are on until end of the month. The deck is inspired by/based on Southeast Asian/Peninsular Malaysian fauna.

A couple of things I worked on got published/greenlit. An anthology of international spec poetry will be out on the 4th of December.

And if things will work out, fingers crossed, I will be writing serialised fiction.

I am still feeling the remnants of anxiety, spillover from last week which was not an easy week (it being exam results week for Cub/my eldest). I haven't written anything. Instead I baked bread, drew stuff and made pumpkin soup from scratch. I am considering taking another break, since I also feel the onset of PMS. :/
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2018-10-15 09:17 am
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Right, account expiration...

More monetary nonsense to make my guts knot up even more.

But hey, I submitted a story to start the weekend right.