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I am back from Cambodia. Flew back exactly a week ago. Siem Reap was hot, dry, but an eye-opening experience. Plus, the fried crickets were delicious, yum. Coming back was a culture shock - so much privilege, people taking things for granted.

Then, it's back to normal programming again. I need to plan... things, especially for two books. I ended up starting a new scarf, because this is how I plan: I knit. It's a meditative process where my mind lays out stuff while the needles move.

So, that's about it, small updates. :D
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[personal profile] tornir 2017-06-29 11:03 am (UTC)(link)
Ooo, fried crickets.
Word is, with population increasing, those guys are going to become an important source of protein for everyone. (Plus, unlike a chicken, everyone in a family of six can have a leg. :P )

Does their taste resemble anything else, or are they uniquely cricket-y?
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So dinner comes with its own little toothpicks attached? Cool. :)
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Welcome back! That sounds like a great trip.