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To the Buddhists who celebrate this day.
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Light a candle -
Remember Brighid:
Oh goddess of fire,
teach me how to light
the world.
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to all those who celebrate.

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May your new year be filled with prosperity, good health and joy.

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Season's Greetings!.

For those who do not celebrate, may you have a good restful weekend. :D
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And Merry Yule and Summer Solstice!

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Merry Samhain/All Souls'/All Saints and Merry Beltane too to Southern Hemisphere peeps.
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The full moon is a bright pearl in the sky,
little children while
they carry
lanterns that
light the way.
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It's so warm today I didn't mind standing under the (lukewarm) showers. Outside right now, as the day edges towards evening, the sky is a blue-white, with fierce sunlight making sharp shadows on walls and the construction site next to my apartment block.

It would seem we stand at the threshold, at a liminal moment - perhaps the summer is reaching its peak and we see the wheel of the year turning. At the moment, it is painful and terribly warm - the chinwags talk about global warming. I say we stand at the gates; the choice is ours to step through.
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And also Happy Samhain!
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... Ostara.

And happy Holi, to those who celebrate!
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Enjoy the full moon and the tang yuan!
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May the fire of creativity
light the way in your life,
Brigid bless!
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To a good 2016.
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It’s almost weird to think that school term starts next week (a few more days !) and that it’s the New Year (2016). My working brain is telling me: Classes start next week, students are back, and focus on teaching. The rest of my body is trying to catch up: New Year? When?

To be honest, I am ready for the New Year. Time to slough off old skins, old beliefs, old dreams – and take on new challenges. But for me, the New Year is nothing compared to Chinese New Year. I have two New Years to celebrate.

So, right now, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, when the horizons look closer… let’s take a breather and remember….

… and move on.
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To who celebrate it!


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