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Some updatia as I try to work out an equilibrium between work and non-work life: My story "Cog-Work Cat" is in The Best of Everyday Fiction III: here. I love the story. It evolved from something steampunk to something totally different.

I scrolled through my recent posts and was struck by the incidence of sick/flu-ed/unwell posts. Time to kickstart my sword practice. I have to get well. I need to get well.

Did some updates and cleaning-up of my writery blog. Spammers are getting bolder these days and ruder. I got "As if!" on one of my posts. Look, if you are a genuine reader, that's not a good comment/feedback. If you are a spammer, well, your post just gave you away. GO AWAY.


Almost a month more before the release/launch of my novel. I figure March (my birth month) will get a bit more busy! Fasten ye seatbelts!
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Suffered an attack of the emo/blah... but I am feeling much better now. I do not need approval from other people. I do not need validation.

Seriously, Twitter, you are filled with needy vibes. Cub has a point when she told me that I should give Twitter a break. That's the dilemma, dear. I like the interaction and the flow of information. Yet I am becoming fatigued by the constant self-promotion tweets, granted that I am part of it as well. Me, me, me - and are these people actually listening? It's like radio. You have to listen closely to the static just to sift out the real voices.

Preparing lesson plans now. I am spending a whole day in school.

It's Ren Re today, which means that everyone celebrates his or her or hie birthday. Happy birthday, everyone. Hao hao zuo ren.

Now to gird myself for the staff meeting!
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I sit here, staring at the computer, wondering what to write. My bronchitis (boo, hiss!) came back and I have spent a couple of uncomfortable days and nights coughing my lungs out. Hot soups are an immense boon/help/salve.

I have started writing again. A new short and polishing old ones for eventual submission. Did a list of 2011 writery things - and I am stunned to see that the year is packed. Packed, I tell you...

So, what have I done this year?

Started work after half a year of looking after Dot. Went back to teaching, didn't work out and got a job as a writer at an educational company. Job unfortunately didn't work out as well, but it was a blessing in disguise.

Realized that I could work under pressure. Writing children's books is something challenging for me, since I am already writing YA fiction. Writing in different voices is definitely good training for writers.

Still working on my own inner issues, especially my self-esteem.

Rider, a YA science-fiction story is still in progress. I aim to complete it in 2011. I love this story!

To look forward in 2011:
"Apex Book Of World SF II" will be out in 2nd February 2011. My story "The Sound Of Breaking Glass" is in it.
"Wolf At The Door", my urban fantasy novel, will be out - 4th April 2011.
A short in an anthology by Drollerie Press.
The Singapore Sampler of SFF - the theme: Hybrid.
Print edition of "Oysters, Pearl and Magic" .
More submissions - hopefully to pro-level magazines.
Submission of book two of my urban fantasy series.

I will probably sit down and do a proper Watchnight vigil.

Have a good NYE!
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Here is Cub enjoying herself at the BBQ party: here.

We had fun. Eight screaming little girls - and I am still alive! Birthday presents, cake and balloons, beach runs, shell-picking.

Then chilli crab dinner with the extended family.

Mmm, I should spend some time with my Nano project and oddly enough, I am not fussy about it this year.

Thoughts: Lives matter. People matter. Social media and real life - do they intersect? And if so, why do people still feel lonely, lost? I believe this question isn't easy and not to be answered in a hour or a day.

Rainy weather always does that to me.
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Common themes:
flight, phoenix, light, transformation/transfiguration, race, culture, biculturalism, feminism, gender, rootlessness, rootedness, belonging, wolf/shifter.

EDIT: trees, plants, gardening, coming-of-age.


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