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For people who are concerned about my previous posts about health:

The CT scan showed that it was just a fluid-filled cyst and my specialist didn't seem fussed about it, only slated another blood test (she's well-known for it amongst the nurses!) when I see her again in July. The blood test is to evaluate my liver functions. So basically ever since I came back from Perth, Australia, I had been exercising and watching what I eat. Gruelling and sometimes downright miserable-making for me - but it's paying off.

Just as well that my body past 40 seems to be rejecting/hating/disliking things gluten and dairy... which was a doozy for me because I love yoghurt and bread. But it seems that my colon doesn't appreciate a lot of it and even a tiny smidgeon triggers it to grumbling.

But hey, I feel fine at age 42.

So, that's the long and short about my health. Just give me lots of nice salads when you see me next time. :D
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Unpopular opinion:

These people who keep on telling me that i am not a failure when i say that my books are not even on shelves are the ones who will signal boost other more popular (read: trad pub) authors and suck up to them. They will never signal boost my books.
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This week in drama minggu ini…

Due to a drug allergy to the antibiotics,

I have rashes all over my body, the worst on my back, the most obvious on my upper arms.


On a happier note, I will be GoH at Swancon 42!


Jan. 19th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Cleansed the house. Got a cardio workout by mopping. Now the house smells of frankincense.

Did a burning bowl ritual. Wrote letters and burned them. Now onward to recovery.
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I have updated my blog, whereby you will see two new chapters of Halcyon Days, the second book of the Gabriel Sutherland series.

A lot of thinkery this weekend. Think I have been yearning for things I couldn't obtain. The feeling of having doors slammed shut in face is tiring. I have to move on. I have options. I can choose. I am not alone. It is not the end of the world.Jobs eluding me. Being rejected all the time. I have been barking up the wrong trees all the time. Time to move on.

Sipping tea. Thinking aloud. 2016 has done a number on me - but I am not going to give up.


May. 19th, 2016 07:12 pm
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I am being let go at my workplace, simply because the education ministry found full-time teachers to fill in the slots and adjunct teachers are just extra help. Granted I did spend three years in this school…

So, yes, I will be without a job in the near future. But I have skills and I can plan my future(s). The only bitches I have to deal with are my mother in law and her shit.

But I do have a Patreon if you are so inclined to help, because I do have med fees to pay as well:


May. 16th, 2016 01:24 pm
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So, I am at home again. I haven't slept well. I think I am fatigued. But the fridge chose to die and I am up and awake, having to deal with the fridge repairman.

Back to work tomorrow.
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I turned 41 yesterday.

And was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Not that serious yet, and not needing surgery at the moment. My fingers are turning numb and cold.

But, yes, finally in my forties.
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I think I have gotten to the stage where I feel posting fiction/poetry acceptances and rejections on FB is just so blase. I mean, why do you want to do that? To keep score? To keep track? To play kindergarten politics? Sure, I would post the occasional “I signed …” stuff, but if your FB is just a series of your acceptances and rejections and whatever - then what’s your purpose of having FB?

People are inherently competitive. They keep saying “no, it’s not a zero-sum game”, because “we are nice people.” But if you are indeed a nice person, why are you causing anxiety to people? Are you fishing for compliments (because gosh darn, you are a good writer!) or validation?

Writers and poets all move at different paces. Do not expect people to be like you or work at your pace or standard. Nor not all people have the privilege of time and space to write that much like you.

We are all different. To expect everyone to move at the same speed is ridiculous.
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So, right now, my nose is stuffed, my throat feeling like sand is in it, and I cough on and off. The doctor says it's a bacterial infection, and prescribes me antibiotics.

At least, I get to sleep in.
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It’s almost weird to think that school term starts next week (a few more days !) and that it’s the New Year (2016). My working brain is telling me: Classes start next week, students are back, and focus on teaching. The rest of my body is trying to catch up: New Year? When?

To be honest, I am ready for the New Year. Time to slough off old skins, old beliefs, old dreams – and take on new challenges. But for me, the New Year is nothing compared to Chinese New Year. I have two New Years to celebrate.

So, right now, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, when the horizons look closer… let’s take a breather and remember….

… and move on.
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I updated my list of published works, and for 2015 -

Read more... )

It has been a bleak year for acceptances and my rejections list is long as a saint's scroll. But I am happy for one major acceptance - my YA sff novella with racing dragons!

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Dec. 18th, 2015 05:39 pm
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I am back from my cruise vacation - which had been fun, bad and good all together.

Let me recover first.


Sep. 22nd, 2015 02:25 pm
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So, I have stomach flu.

But apparently, the word is out.

Stomach flu. Cramps. Nausea. The full works. D:


Sep. 15th, 2015 09:21 pm
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I have officially sprained my left wrist.

And, this afternoon, apparently my left shin gave.

Oh what joy!

And plus, the haze is back.

I am uncomfortable.


Aug. 31st, 2015 06:54 pm
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My doctor has taken me off the treatment/medication - but one of the horrid side-effects is acne. These bloody red swellings are everywhere: my face, my neck (and this time, it itches like hell), my chest.

Been a busy two weeks - basically exam questions, marking test papers and projects. It will be a short week this week, as we celebrate Teachers' Day on Thursday and the holiday starts on Friday.

I guess, I am at the edge of burnout?

Can't wait for Dragon Dancer to be released as well as the Jan Xu books (to be re-released). Also, interesting stuff for Singapore Writers' Festival - stay tuned.


We just passed the peak/15th day of the Ghost Month/Seventh Month. After this lunar festival will be my favorite: Mid-Autumn Festival. Which reminds me to get mooncakes and lanterns.
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It is the Youth Day holiday in lieu, so I have a day of rest (of sorts). But I have to see my breast specialist (and maybe yell at him). Yeah, yelling doesn't solve anything. It will feel good though to get things out.

I am damned tired of the side-effects.

EDIT: I didn't yell at him. >.


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