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here. YAY! Made my day!
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Halcyon Days, a sneak peak into the sequel to Dark Claw, an urban fantasy spinoff series from the current Jan Xu Adventures series (psst, Heart of Fire is coming out soon).
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The haze has crept back in again, reducing visibility (as of today). The air is thick with the smell of burning. Not good for sensitive noses. :P

Over here, we have been monitoring the tragic case of MH 370. The plane disappeared last Saturday and a search by many countries is underway. At the same time, conspiracy theorists and rumor-mongers are having a field day. Please, for fuck's sake, don't. Disasters are always ripe opportunities for idiots to spread their nonsense. Please stop. Have some respect for the grieving families.
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Chapter 1 is UP and running!
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I turn a year older tomorrow!

One step closer to the big 4-0.
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It wasn't bronchitis.

So on antibiotics now and medications to open up the airways. I am also having terrible cramps - so cancelling remedial lesson today.

Can February go already?
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I coughed and hacked my lungs out throughout work today, with the distinct feeling that my chest was tight. Prior to this, I had been fighting an infection which apparently has dug right in and camped in my body like a doughty cranky warrior. Dot also came down with a similar infection, though I think hers originated from the petri dish that is her school. Hers was fever that oscillated from high to low. So the doc gave her strong antibiotics and she is back to her bouncing bushy-eyed self.

My first thought was that I got bronchitis, which I tend to get, when it comes to respiratory problems. But no - doc checked. It's just the infection making its way down my airway, plus that the slight hazy conditions in Singapore don't help, plus my sensitivity.

So, that's my update. I am down with the ick. My brains are still moving, apparently - it's only my airways that are going belly-up.
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Yuan Xiao falls on the 15th lunar day of the Chinese New Year. It is a full moon. This festival marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Also called Chap Goh Meh, it is the Chinese "Valentine". Generally, my family marks it with a good meal and tang yuan (glutinous dumplings).

To celebrate Yuan Xiao, I am posting this. Tale of Yin, the duology of both Oysters, Pearls & Magic and Path of Kindness.


Only 1.99 at Gumroad: here.

Happy Yuan Xiao!
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So, with the shift in seasons, bam! colds, the flu and other ailments strike down a sizable portion of the populace.

Ok, that was dramatic. But yes, I was/am down with the ick. I am now convinced to get a nasal spray, because of allergics. I hate my nose, at the moment.

This Friday will be Yuan Xiao, the 15th day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. It will be also be Valentine's Day and a full moon day. Awesome day.
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Goodbye, baby. Rest in peace.
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The submission guidelines for the steampunk anthology is UP.
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Happy New Year all!
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I will be co-editing a Southeast Asian steampunk anthology with Jhameia (Jaymee Goh).

YAY! :)
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I apparently have the flu.

A viral flu strain that somehow evaded the flu jab.

Then again, schools are petri dishes. :P
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So, I haven't written a proper update, given that I am plunged straight back into work and then am struck by a sneaky stubborn stomach bug.

For the whole of last week, I was basically on sick leave, because of said stomach flu. My stomach was bloated with gas and seemed to be on permanently spin mode. I was advised not to take oily/fried and spicy food - so my diet was pretty much bland. When I returned back to work last Friday, my stomach decided to go on spin mode and I had to cope with it while marking.

At the moment, I feel fine and the stomach is less spiny and bloated. I have taken to mixing Greek yoghurt and water and drinking this delectable brew. Surprisingly, it works.

Tomorrow is a new work day and my school has decided to give me a group of international students to help them on their English.

Oh yeah, my girls are fine. Growing up very quickly, for Cub. Dot is now four and bright-eyed, bushy-tailed. :)
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Still getting ready for the launch of the space opera with werewolves - Starfang - and trying to recover from a bad bout of viral stomach flu (that’s what the doctor said). So, I am using this space to signal boost one of my earliest YA novels, Oysters, Pearls and Magic.



So I was surprised when Benyi gave me a small mirror with an ornate black iron-wrought frame, bought from the blacksmith who has his workshop at Lambs Quarter. I thanked him and he smiled at me shyly before darting off into his class.

It came wrapped in gossamer-thin paper and I peeled the layers open, only to see my face reflected in the mirror. Only except I did not know that was my face, until I blinked and the reflection blinked back at me. I touched my right cheek and the reflection did so by touching her left.

I have the black hair so typical of my village, worn long and tied in a severe ponytail. My face is slender, almost thin, and my skin color is brown, no doubt a product of being under the sun for a long time. My ancestors hailed mainly from Asian and Southeast Asian extraction. That was way back on Terra Firma and even now, we could perceive distinctive physical features: oblique eyes, dark hair, petite stature. I pouted my lips; they were a dark ruby red, glistening with my saliva.

I tilted my face to the left and my hair caught the light from the candles: edged with gold and shimmering away, tinged with fire. I was intrigued by my own physical appearance.

For a long time, I have decided to be Apart. That is to say that I have chosen to walk the path of singlehood. I have never thought of being part of a pair or triad or – like the families in my village – marrying husbands. I have not taken account of how I look like to people. I have now reached twenty-one sun-circles. Marriageable age, as Grandmother would say with a twinkle in her eye. My cousins have married once they are old enough. I remain repulsed by the concept after witnessing what Second Father has done.


I specifically intended Oysters, Pearls and Magic to be POC-centered, inspired by my heritage. If you read on, the oysters (yum) and the colorful head scarves are reminders of the Hui An people from Fujian. Though nominally Han, they are more like a minority group with their own distinctive ethnic costume/wear.

The (free) novel on Wattpad:

On Smashwords:

So, if you want to support POC-centered YA novels written by POC, try Oysters, Pearls and Magic.
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I am laid low by a bad stomach flu bug.

Let me go whimper under my covers.

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