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SWORD AND SILENCE, companion piece to SWIFTLET'S HONOR, is ready for pre-order: #YA #sff
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It will have dragons, dragon dancing and solar balls!
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Some arting, inspired by something... I will announce soon on the blog!
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With spiffy new covers!

Dark Claw is ready for pre-order.

The Basics of Flight.

Swiftlet's Honor
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It's been a month (and a few days!) since Heart Of Fire was released into the wild. In Chinese culture, it's customary for the new parents to celebrate by giving out red eggs! My red eggs can be found at Fox Spirit. Awesome reads from awesome authors, plus two of my stories, including Yen Lo Wang's Wife.


Amazon (UK) .

Amazon (US).


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Chapter Seven: Is Jixin making a big mistake?
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Yesterday, Cub celebrated her 11th birthday. 11/11. She's fast growing up and people are telling me that she looks very much like me.

Also: Includes a new story by me - Yen Lo Wang's Wife: King of Hell weds, but the bride has her own mind.
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For people who have not downloaded Full Moon, Dragon Gate, you can read it on Wattpad.

I feel weary, bone-tired today, and so much like a failure.
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Light your candles.
Fill your bowls with candy.

And remember those
who have gone before you,
who are in your heart.
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Free fiction on Fox Spirit.

Plus, Heart Of Fire will be free on the 31st October until 1st November. Keep your eyes for the passwords!

Plus, readers of the Jan Xu series can get to read (for free) the novella that sparked off the writing of Wolf At The Door.


Oct. 28th, 2014 11:01 am
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It is benign. I will probably write something about Granulomatous mastitis eventually, but that is a future post. The surgeon started me on treatment immediately. I will see him again in three weeks' time.

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