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They ate this in the story, now you can try cooking it. :)


More at the Patreon page.
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I have caught the cold! Sore throat, aching limbs. Teaching seems to have aggravated the sore throat. Voice is hanging on by a thread.

Posted Chapter 17 of Dragon Physician.

Also got my first story acceptance for the year. Yay!

Now to beat the cold into submission.
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My first story of the year, The Sunboat Heads East, is in an awesome collection of stories Bards and Sages Quarterly.
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of Dragon Physician: where they take refuge at a beach.

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Busy at work - new school term.

Settling back in. I am glad to see my students!

And I finally posted my blog post about my writing in 2014 and things up and down.
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Chapter Fourteen of Dragon Physician.

It has been an interesting journey ever since I started this Patreon thing with the YA novel. At times, I wonder if people are indeed reading it. At times, I feel touched by the support. So, as the new year comes in, I have posted a new chapter, I guess, a new threshold where the characters find themselves having to move once more.

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And a belated Blessed Yule and Christmas.

And also Summer Solstice to Southern Hemisphere peeps!

I posted Chapter 13 of Dragon Physician for your reading pleasure! From here, the action starts!
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SWORD AND SILENCE, companion piece to SWIFTLET'S HONOR, is ready for pre-order: #YA #sff
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It will have dragons, dragon dancing and solar balls!
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Some arting, inspired by something... I will announce soon on the blog!
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With spiffy new covers!

Dark Claw is ready for pre-order.

The Basics of Flight.

Swiftlet's Honor
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It's been a month (and a few days!) since Heart Of Fire was released into the wild. In Chinese culture, it's customary for the new parents to celebrate by giving out red eggs! My red eggs can be found at Fox Spirit. Awesome reads from awesome authors, plus two of my stories, including Yen Lo Wang's Wife.


Amazon (UK) .

Amazon (US).


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Chapter Seven: Is Jixin making a big mistake?

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