Aug. 18th, 2016 11:09 am
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Xiao Xiao & The Dragon's Pearl won runner-up in the YA category.

Chapter Five is up and running.

Thank you for the support for Sun Dragon's Song.

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is ready for reviewers. :)

Chaser, book three of the Rider Trilogy, is up on Gumroad for a limited time only.
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Liao Zhai Hunter was inspired by a convo about ghost-hunting apps and Pokemon Go.
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I seem unable to pull myself away from werewolves and lycanthropy. In this case, Chinese werewolves who cherish family ties, traditions and culture. I have an urban fantasy (contemporary fantasy?) series set in Singapore. Then this story idea crept in – a space opera with werewolf merchant/warrior clans. At first, I wanted a grimdark feel to it, but I think the story took its own form and shape.

I don’t think I will ever write to industry standards or trends. The werewolves-in-space idea might be laughable to some, hilarious to others, but it has been fun writing it and visualizing a world with metal and fur.

Starfang: Claw of the Clan is now serialized on Wattpad and Patreon. Wattpad has a better format and does not screw up layout and wording. Many grateful thanks to my supporters and readers.:)
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Cover reveal 2. Get ready for it in August!
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Since the contract has arrived safely in my mailbox – I can make the announcement now: Wolf At The Door will be published by Gerakbudaya and will be available in Malaysia and Singapore…soon.
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Did a DW clean-up and re-organization. If I unsubscribe you, no offence. Interests, beliefs and thoughts have diverged.

Subsequent posts will be filtered/friends-locked. Unfiltered posts will only be general updates etc.
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Taking out the painkillers for today. Uterus is rebelling.

And happy birthday to the spouse!
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It's so warm today I didn't mind standing under the (lukewarm) showers. Outside right now, as the day edges towards evening, the sky is a blue-white, with fierce sunlight making sharp shadows on walls and the construction site next to my apartment block.

It would seem we stand at the threshold, at a liminal moment - perhaps the summer is reaching its peak and we see the wheel of the year turning. At the moment, it is painful and terribly warm - the chinwags talk about global warming. I say we stand at the gates; the choice is ours to step through.
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I am going back to work again. In the same school. Only a different subject.

But, at least, it's work.
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If you are reading this, the Rider books need some help. If you want to read Chaser, you need to convince my publisher that it’s worth publishing (sales matter!)

This series has suffered from poor sales. In Singapore, I have reached a dead end. It is effectively dead in the water. Lack of marketing and obscurity sometimes can kill a series in the tracks and consequently the author suffers.

Also, if you can suggest ways to help me keep the Rider books afloat, please tell me. Perhaps it would be too ambitious for me to wish that big name auhors are my friends and could help me signal boost the books. Wishful thinking on my part.

So, please signal boost if you can. I just can’t let this series die on me. I don’t have any klout in sff, so I couldn’t wish for anything. But my Riders books are my babies. So to hoping for a better future.


(If Amazon is too fiddly and formatting wonky, try Gumroad)


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